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About Us
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Welcome to KEMIPETRA, your premier destination for raw materials and comprehensive services in the coating construction, oil and gas, water treatment, and food and drug chemical industries.We are a leading provider of high-quality raw materials, as well as a trusted partner offering a range of professional services including supplying and sourcing, regulation compliance, and technical consultancy…

Quality Materials for Diverse Industries: At KEMIPETRA, we understand the critical role that raw materials play in the success of various industries. Our extensive product selection caters to the unique needs of coating construction, oil and gas, water treatment, and food and drug chemical sectors. We source and supply top-quality materials, including coatings, additives, chemicals, and other essential components, ensuring that you have access to reliable and superior products that meet your specific industry requirements.

Supplying & Sourcing Excellence: As experts in raw material procurement, we excel in supplying and sourcing the highest-quality materials for our clients. Leveraging our extensive network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers, we ensure a steady and reliable supply chain that guarantees you access to the materials you need, when you need them. Our efficient sourcing processes and meticulous quality control measures ensure consistent product availability and satisfaction.

Regulation Compliance Support: Navigating the complex regulatory landscape is crucial in industries such as water treatment and food and drug chemicals. Our team of regulatory experts is well-versed in industry standards and requirements. We provide comprehensive support to help you ensure compliance with relevant regulations, streamline approval processes, and maintain the highest levels of safety and quality in your operations. With our guidance, you can confidently navigate regulatory challenges and stay ahead of compliance obligations.

Technical Consultancy and Expertise: At KEMIPETRA, we are committed to providing you with not only materials but also technical expertise. Our team of experienced professionals offers specialized technical consultancy services tailored to your industry’s needs. Whether you require assistance with formulation development, process optimization, quality control, or troubleshooting, we are dedicated to offering personalized solutions and valuable insights that drive your success.

Collaborative Partnerships: We believe in building strong and collaborative partnerships with our clients. Understanding your unique requirements and challenges is at the core of our approach. Our team works closely with you, acting as a trusted advisor, to develop customized strategies that optimize your raw material selection, supply chain efficiency, regulatory compliance, and technical processes. Your success is our priority, and we strive to be a reliable partner supporting your growth and excellence.

Experience the KEMIPETRA Difference: When you choose KEMIPETRA, you gain a comprehensive solution provider that combines high-quality raw materials with professional services. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and timely delivery. Our commitment to quality, compliance, and technical expertise sets us apart as your trusted partner across the coating construction, oil and gas, water treatment, and food and drug chemical industries.

Thank you for choosing KEMIPETRA. We look forward to collaborating with you, supplying superior raw materials, and providing valuable services to drive your success.



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